Understanding Staff Roles

Staff Roles

Staff roles are an important feature in SIMON that allows for access and control of certain components to staff so that they are able to manage and control the areas that correspond to their areas of responsibility within the school.

As a limited example the school may have a separate staff member who is responsible for the configuration and generation of the reports.

It would also be possible to have a team of staff who take on the role of Student Attendance Officer and are given access to maintain and manage the resource.

Staff Roles are separated into three major groups,

  1. Auto Maintainer - These roles are maintained via the School Admin - School Setup menu. These roles are curriculum and pastoral based.
  2. Maintainer - These roles will give staff the ability to access the maintenance menus for each section such as Assessment and Reporting or Student Attendance. This maintenance level allows access to the management of each area.
  3. Notification - These roles when used will provide the named staff with an email for changes or updates that occur . As an example the Notifications - Student Enrollment will allow all staff members named to receive an automated email when a change in student enrollment information is entered.

Other staff roles are linked to the Pastoral Chains within SIMON. Whilst adding staff to these roles is possible at the school level, please contact SIMON staff to add the roles to the Pastoral Chains.