Year Level Configuration


Finally, the school must determine which year levels and which periods will be marked by entering this data into the Student Attendance > Maintenance > Year Level Configuration > Period Configuration area of the Student Attendance Maintenance Module.

NOTE: When a Year Level is activated for roll marking, Official Roll Mark periods will be automatically included based on the Timetable Definition configuration.  The Official Roll Mark Periods are global and cannot be altered from this module.

NOTE: Follow up is also a global setting based on the Timetable Definition.  If a year level has a roll mark activated for a period which also has follow up activated, then any student absent from that period will require follow up. Official Roll Marks will automatically require follow up.


In the above example, Homeroom to Period 4 have been flagged as Official Roll Marks and it is not possible to turn off roll marking for these periods.  However,  Period 5 is not an Official Roll Mark, therefore the school can elect to not mark these rolls by unchecking the appropriate boxes or, if no rolls are required at all, the year level can be disabled. Notice that these periods do have follow up flagged, so if the school elects to mark these rolls, then follow up must also occur for these periods.