View Messages


The View Messages page allows the user to view past messages and staff messages for the current day and into the future.



Simply choose the desired date by clicking on the calendar icon.

To print the Staff Messages for the selected date, click on the Printer icon. This will open the Staff Messages Report page. Select the desired options and click Generate.


Other options which can be displayed on the Staff Messages report can be accessed by clicking on the tabs:



NOTE: The generate button on each tab will produce the same report. Once the Roster and Calendar options are selected and the report has been generated, they will return to the default print options as defined in the Maintenance > Print Options section.

NOTE: To print Staff Messages for the following day, Go to View Messages and select the required date using the calendar icon. Then, when the Printer icon is selected, the messages for the selected date will be printed.

The final report will be produced in pdf format: