View Future Messages

View My Future Messages



This module allows the user to view, edit, delete and add images to messages that they have entered for future daily messages.

The user will also see other details related to the message, such as the day it will appear, category, campus and whether or not it has been authorised.

 To edit the message, click on Edit and make any changes necessary:

It is possible to display an image with the message.  Click on Add Image, then click on Add Files. Navigate to the picture which is to be added and click on Open:

NOTE: Images must be GIF or JPEG with a 4x3 ratio. Images which are not these dimensions will be stretched to fit these parameters.

Once an image has been selected, click on Start Upload and remeber to close the screen with the "X".


NOTE: Adding an image to an authorised message will require it to be 're-authorised'.

NOTE: Images cannot be removed once entered. If it becomes necessary to remove an image, the message will need to be deleted and re-entered.