Version 3.9.1

The SIMON Team is proud to announce the release of Version 3.9.1


This update sees a continuation of the work started in 3.8.0


The following is a list of features either added or improved in this build, we have also listed the areas and staff at the school who should be made aware of these changes.


  1.     Learning Areas  - Curriculum Leaders and Teachers


  1.     Quick Entry Comments – In this version of SIMON we have installed an number of new features to prevent the accidental loss of data should an external internet connection occur.


  1.                                               Every 5 minutes staff will receive an orange reminder to save their comments, this timer resets every time staff hit the save button and will not take focus of the comment being entered.


  1.                                             Staff will receive a green confirmation of save screen when clicking the Save or Save and Return button.


  1.                                            Staff will be unable to navigate away from the Quick Entry Screen without having a recent Successful Save or acknowledging that they will lose data, this includes staff who may exit the web browser without saving.


  1.     Teach Feedback Documents – When a teacher uses the release results tick to withhold results, uploaded feedback documents will no longer be available to parents and students.


  1.     Behavioural Tracking – Pastoral Staff
    1.     When viewing an incident the staff member reporting will now be displayed under the incident title.


  1.     Report and Assessment – Curriculum Leaders and Reports Administrators
    1.     Subject based reporting – when a student transfers within a number of classes of the same subject.  E.g. 7MAT1A to 7MAT1B the reporting system can now be configured to drag all the results for that student within the subject onto the same report resulting in a single report for each student.


  1.     Letters – Administration Staff
    1.     The Letter system has now had the ability to add lists improved so as to allow lists beyond 5 items for use in the letters.


  1.     Timetable Additional – Daily Organisation
    1.     Timetable Additional now allow dates to be edited saved and updated allowing changes to be made from what may have originally been added.


  1.     PAM – Administrators and Parents
    1.     Password Reset has been improved so that parents now encounter with only one page for the process of requesting a password reset where schools utilise this feature.
    2.     Navigation Speed has been improved within the system.


  1.     Attendance – Administrators and Attendance Officers
    1.     Daily Absence Reports – Date selector upgrade now allows for dates to be selected and locked for the generation of a report.


  1.     File Manager – All Staff
    1.     Upgrade to the new SIMON File manager with the addition of three dots to trigger management features like Delete and Rename of a folder or file.