3. Teacher Roll Mark

All staff users will be able to access this menu option.

In this module, users will be able to mark class rolls based on who teaches the class.

NOTE: Only periods which have been checked as 'Include in Teacher Roll Mark' in the Timetable Definition will be visible in this module.

Simply select the date required by clicking on the Drop Down Calendar.


... and the required teacher from the drop down list.


Once the correct date and teacher have been selected, all classes for that teacher on the selected day will be shown.

Classes with a green tick have had the roll marked.

Classes with a red cross have not yet had a roll mark completed.

Classes with no icon next to them are unable to be marked as they have not yet occurred.

Clicking on the class will open the Class Roll Mark page.

Present / Absent Buttons -

Clicking on either of these buttons will automatically check the entire column. This saves time in that the user can then simply alter any absent or late students rather than having to individually mark off every single student.

Class Teacher Notes Button -


This button will open the Class Teacher Notes window for the selected student.


This is an area in which teachers can make notes about students. These notes can be viewed in the class Learning Area.  This feature may be particularly helpful when addressing the VELS Interdisciplinary dimensions.

Attendance History Button -

This button will open the Class Attendance History page for the selected student.

The user will be able to view the attendance history as a list...


Student Information Button -

By mousing over this button, the student information window will appear at the top of the page.

This is particularly handy for users who make be teaching a replacement class as a photo of the selected student can be displayed.

Student Notes Button - The Green I

This button will open the student notes window for the selected student. The student notes come from the Student Profiles module. The information shown here may indicate any medical or learning issues related to that student.

Commendations - Incidents - Detentions

These buttons will take the teacher directly to the Behavioural Tracking Screens for Incidents or Detentions as well as allow you to enter Commendations if the school seetings support it.



Attendance Inconsistency Button -

This button would be to notify administration of any inconsistency in the student attendance data. For example, the student may be listed as being on a school related absence but is actually in your class.

Late to Class Notification -

By checking this column and using the drop down list to enter the number of minutes, teachers can record when students are late to class.

Attendance % Information -

This column gives a summary of how much class time each student has missed. It is minute based, so will account for late to class events also. The Attendance % is only based on rolls that have been marked, ie: unmarked rolls are not included. The percentage complete value refers to the marking of the rolls for that class. If the roll is marked for every class, then this value will be 100% and the attendance % will be accurate. The user should notice that the numbers in this column will adjust as new data is entered for that class.

Save and Select Buttons -

Once the attendance information has been entered click on the Save button. If another roll needs to be marked, clicking on the Select button will return the user to the Teacher Roll Mark page where a new class can be selected by entering the desired date and teacher.