System Setup

The SIMON Administrator will now need to enter the system setup component and complete the following information:



Site Configuration:

The SIMON Administrator will set up the school domain and upload the school crest to appear in the reports produced in SIMON. The Weather Zone Post Code entry will ensure that the weather information which can be accessed from the Work Desk Home will be relevant to the local area.

School Resources:

This module allows the SIMON Administrator to set the location of their school web based resources.

NOTE: If a resource is not used the field should be set to "http://" which will return the user to the work desk if selected.


For example, the "School Home Page" menu item will follow the School Website link defined in School Resources.


This module will allow the SIMON Administrator to select the current semester...


... and add new semesters in the future.


This will allow SIMON to return semester based data which will allow the archiving of data and viewing of different data across semesters.

NOTE: Without the creation of these Semesters, drop down lists will not return the new Semesters and Years and will prohibit the rollover of data within the system.


Vertical School Structures:

The Vertical School Structures can be created to group students together in a vertical structure. By creating Vertical School Structures here, data can be configured to obey these group types within the Year Level Configuration.

This module will allow the SIMON Administrator to maintain any vertical school structures....


...and add any new structures.

Staff Categories:

This module will allow the SIMON Administrator to specify which staff categories will be used...


...and additional Staff Categories can be created to be used in the import of staff to allow additional security grouping to be made within SIMON. Usually the generic configurations are suitable for a school implementing SIMON for the first time.

Staff Status:

This module will allow the SIMON Administrator to define staff status categories which will be used...


...and additional Staff Status categories can be created to help the school describe the employment status of staff.

NOTE: It would be convenient at this stage to import your staff. See Staff Import for details on how to do this.

Student Status:

This module will allow the SIMON Administrator to define student status categories which will be used by the school to describe the enrolment status of students...


...and additional Student Status categories can be created here.



Staff Roles:

SIMON has many inbuilt roles and creates roles automatically as the SIMON Administrator configures the system.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that additional roles are not created until SIMON has been fully configured and the automatic roles are produced.  Once this has been completed, the SIMON Administrator can produce other roles within the system.

To add an individual to that role, click on Edit.



Select the individual/s who are assigned to that role and click on Assign.

Accurate assigning of individuals to Staff Roles is imperative. This way, if a staff member leaves or takes on a new role, this information only has to be changed in this area, not in all modules throughout SIMON.