Subjects and Classes

Subjects and Classes



 This section will be populated when the Subjects are imported.  However, this module will allow new subjects to be created which may not be accounted for in the timetable.  For example a class may be held after school, but still needs to be included in Attendance and Assessment.


The screen will show twenty subjects per page.

It is also possible to filter using the Search facility at the top right of the window.  This facility will search the Subject, Subject Code and Domain Component.

It is possible to scroll through the pages using the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.



This module will allow the timetabler or SIMON Administrator to add new subjects...

...and to edit existing Subjects.

Subject Classes:

This module is populated when a Timetable import is undertaken.

In this module the Timetabler or SIMON Administrator will maintain these classes.  The same scrolling and filtering features are available in this module as explained above.

Once a Subject is entered in the above module, the Subject Classes must be created. 

New Subject Classes can be entered...

...and then edited.


 The Student lists can be created for new Subject Classes, or edited for existing Subject Classes, by clicking on the Students tab.

The Override Timetable check box would be selected if the data being manually entered is NOT to be overwritten when a new timetable import is done.

Multiple teachers can be assigned to a Subject Class, or temporary teachers can be entered here.

NOTE: The teacher assigned to a Subject Class in the base timetable cannot be deleted from that Subject Class.

If selected, the Exclude From Assessment checkbox will prevent the teacher being entered from having access to the Assessment and Reporting associated with this Subject Class.

Student Classes:

In this module the Timetabler or SIMON Administrator will be able to alter the Subject Classes of a student without the need for a complete timetable import.

Class Suffixes:

The Class Suffix is used to differentiate between different classes of the same subject.  For example there may be Three Year 7 Maths classes.  These may be Class A, B and C. Or 1, 2 and 3 could be used.  Some schools may use 01, 02 and 03.

In this module the Timetabler or SIMON Administrator will nominate the number of characters which will be used in the Class Suffixes. 

NOTE: If two characters are nominated, then ALL Class Suffixes must consist of two characters.

NOTE: In order to complete this section for a future semester, the SIMON Administrator must have created that semester in System Setup > Maintain Semesters.


If the Class Suffix Length is changed, it is possible to edit.

NOTE: If this occurs during a semester, then the Class Suffix Length must be changed for EVERY Subject Class in the timetable.