Student Profiles - Student Access

Student Profiles


Student Profiles will provide the user with student information such as contact details, enrolment status, behavioural tracking etc. 

Students will only be able to view their own student profile, whereas staff will be able to view all student profiles to different extents depending on the configuration of the individual staff member.


Student Access



General Information


The student interface for their own profile allows the student to view, but not edit, thier general information. This information is taken from the school's central admin database so if any details are incorrect or change throughout the year, the school office must be notified.


Student TImetable

Staff are able to generate a student timetable from SIMON so as to work out the students movements.




Personal Preferences 

Students are able to select the campus they attend and wnat displayed as a default set of data.



Enrolment Information

This section simply lists the enrolment details of the student.

Student Assessment

View Student Reports

Students will be able to view their past reports through this interface. This will include all reports which were completed in SIMON reporting. Available reports will be displayed as a hyperlink.


Student Commendations

Commendation Report

The student will be able to view all commendations they have received in this section.


Learning Resources

Generate Booklist

If the school is using SIMON Booklists, the student will be able to generate and print a copy of their booklist for the following year once booklists have been released for distribution.

To generate the booklist, click on the "Generate Booklist" link.

The Booklist is generated in pdf format and can be saved or printed as required.

Online Ordering Website

If the External Booklist Company has an online ordering website, clicking on the "Online Ordering Website" will take the user to the login page.

NOTE: Different companies will have different Online Ordering Websites.  Information on how to use these should be included on the Booklist front page.