Staff Absences


View Absences

This page will list all staff who are absent for the selected date.

Clicking on Edit will allow the user to alter any of the information which was entered when the absence was reported.

If the staff member is no longer going to be absent, simply click on Delete to remove them from the list then confirm

Add Absence

When a staff member notifies the Daily Organiser that they will be absent, this is the area in SIMON where that absence is entered.

Staff Member

Select the appropriate member from the drop down list.


Select the appropriate reason from the drop down list. Possible Reasons can be added in the Maintenance > Staff Absences > Absence Reasons section.

Medical Certificates Received

If a staff member hands in a medical certificate, this will obviously be after they return to work. To check this box, go to Staff Absences > View Absences (See above). Select the day the absence occurred and edit.

Absent From / Until

An extended absence only has to be entered into the system once if these dates are included. If a staff member is away for longer than initially recorded, go to View Absences and edit these dates.

If the absence is for the entire day, check the All Day flag.  If the absence is a part day, entering the time the staff member is leaving and arriving back will ensure that the staff member is updated in terms of availability as well as classes which need covering.


This field does not require any content for the absence to save.


Clicking on Save will enter the absence and bring up a messsage confirming the absence.

However, SIMON will remain on the Add Staff Absence Page ready for the next absence to be entered. If there are no more absences to enter either use the Return button to go back to View Staff Absences or navigate to the desired area using the module menu along the top.


NOTE: Once a staff absemce has been entered it will be displayed in the Staff Absence window on the SIMON Work Desk Homepage for that day.  To view the periods the staff member will be absent, mouse over their name in this window. (For this to occur, the Daily Organisation "Prepare" button must have been selected for that day.)