Resource Bookings - General Links

NOTE: The General Links available will be dependent on the status of the user and therefore will vary.

Pending Authorisations

This link will only be visible if the user is configured to authorise bookings of resources. I will alert the user to any authorisations pending.


Clicking on the link will open the Resource Bookings Pending Authorisations page.

Clicking on Approve will expand this item to show all intervals required. If booking is declined, a reason should be entered.

Declined Bookings

If a resource booking is declined, a link will appear in the Resource Bookings General Links window of that user to notify them of this.

Clicking on the Declined Bookings Link will show the user why the booking was declined and who declined it.

User Preferences

This link gives the user of nominating which campus resources they would like to default to when making a booking.  It also gives the option of receiving an email if any bookings are declined.