Pastoral Chains

The Pastoral Chain concept is new to SIMON Version 3 and allows schools to have more control over access and viewing of information in modules where Pastoral Chains have been implemented.

Pastoral Chains can only be configured in conjunction with SIMON Staff.


Currently the Pastoral Chain system is set up in:

  • Student Attendance

  • Student Notes

  • Behavioural Tracking

All of these chains are defined in this module but are allocated to the relevant year level in the Maintenance section of each of the above listed modules.

A Pastoral Chain is a set of roles that have been assigned to allow relevant access by staff associated with those roles to different areas of SIMON. For example, the Pastoral Chain "Year Level Based - Incidents" is designed to specially allow the staff in that chain access to following up unresolved incidents.

Editing a Pastoral Chain allows the user to change the roles which are members of the Pastoral Chain.

Editing the roles within a Pastoral Chain will alter the students to which the role can view. The access for the same role in different Pastoral Chains can differ.  For example, the principal might be interested in viewing all students suspended, but might only want to view detentions of Year 12 students. These different subsets of students need to be defined by editing the role within the appropriate Pastoral Chain.

NOTE: There are five Staff Roles in SIMON which cannot be altered. These are Homeroom Teacher, House Leader, Campus Leader, Year Level Coordinator and Head of School.  If these roles are part of a Pastoral Chain, they will automatically notify the staff member in that role relevant to the student involved.


Once a Pastoral Chain has been defined it can be allocated to each active year level in the Maintenance of the relevant module.

In the case of this example, it would be Maintenance in Behavioural Tracking.

If a school is structured such that Years 7 - 10 are managed by Year Level, but Year 11 & 12 are managed  by House, the "House Based - Incidents" Pastoral Chain would be allocated to Year 11 and 12 in the Maintenance section of Behavioural Tracking rather than the "Year Level Based - Incidents" Pastoral Chain.