Message Maintenance - Daily Messages


NOTE: This module can only be accessed by the Daily Messages Maintainer/s. This can be set in Site Administration > System Setup > Staff Roles

Authorise Messages

By clicking on this link, authorised maintainers of the Daily Messages module will be able to view all messages requiring authorisation.

If the message is satisfactory, clicking Approve will authorise the message.

If there is something as simple as a spelling mistake, this can be fixed by clicking Edit. Once the error has been fixed, the message can be approved.

If the message is not satisfactory, clicking Decline will remove the message from the system. (It may be necessary to notify the author of any declined messages.)


Message Categories

The daily messages can be sorted by category. For example, all notices pertaining to Sport can be placed under a Sport sub heading.

In this section, new categories can be created and the order in which they are displayed can be set.


To create a new category, click on Add New and fill in the required information:


The order in which categories are displayed can be altered by using the Green up and down arrows.

The category which is set as default will always be displayed and cannot be disabled.

Print Options

The default print settings are set in this interface.  When a Daily Messages Report is generated, the print options set here will be the default options. These can be changed by the user when they generate the report if necessary, but will return to the default once that single report has been generated.


This section allows the user to specify whether or not students can submit Daily Messages and whether staff created messages require authorisation.

NOTE: Student submitted messages MUST be authorised before they will be published.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that staff Daily Messages require authorisation also.

NOTE: Any Daily Message which has an image added MUST be authorised.