Maintenance - Resource Bookings

Booking Categories

This section allows the Resource Bookings Maintainer or SIMON Administrator to enter categories into which resources will be entered.  It is important to plan these categories carefully as logical categories will make it easier for users to quickly locate the resource they are wanting to book.

New categories can be entered by clicking the Add New button and filling in the following information:

Existing categories can be edited by selecting the Edit button and making the desired changes:

Booking Models

Booking Models refer to the time frames available for interval bookings. 

SIMON will already contain a number of booking models, but if none of these suit the particular requirements of the user, a new model can be entered.

First the user will need to create the model:

Then return to the Maintain Booking Model Screen and edit to add booking intervals:

Resource Items

Once the Booking Categories and Booking Models are complete, the user will be able to enter resource items by selecting this menu option.

First select the Booking Category into which the resource item should be entered, then click on Add New.

NOTE: If the resource is to be booked by period, then the user must select the Allow Period Bookings check box, this will then make the Part Period Model option appear.  If the school has long periods, it may wish to book resources by half, third or quarter periods.
The booking model still needs to be entered even if the resource is to be booked by period as this is used on non teaching days when periods are not relevant.

NOTE: A value must be entered in the advanced booking period.  This value refers to the number of days ahead for which the resource can be booked.

Once the item has been saved, return to the Maintain Resource Items page and select Edit.

This is where any unavailabilities, maintainers and restricted users can be entered.

NOTE: If and Interval Availability or a Period Availability is unselected for an item, that item will always be unavailable for the selected times. If an item is only unavailable for a short period of time, or for maintenance, then this can be entered in the Unavailabilities tab.

NOTE: Restricted Booking Users only need to be entered if bookings are restricted to designated users. An example of a resource which might have restricted bookings could be the school chapel.