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Forums are new to SIMON in Version 3. The topics of the forums which the current user is able to access will scroll across these three windows.

There are three forum categories:

  • Class Forums - These forums can be created by the class teacher and accessed only by members of the class.

  • Subject Forums - These forums can be created by either a teacher of the subject or the Domain Coordinator.  All staff and students associated with that subject can contribute to a subject forum.

  • General Forums - These forums can be created by staff who are designated "Maintainer - Forums" in staff roles.  The access to general forums is specified when the forum is created.

See Forums for more detail on creating, contributing to and viewing forums.

Class Resources

This window displays all classes taken  or taught by the user along with a tally of active homework tasks and assessment tasks.  Also displayed is the number of overdue tasks for each subject. If the user is a staff member, the overdue tasks tally will total all pieces of work which have not been submitted by all students in that class.

Select the semester and year which is relevant, then click on the class title to access more information.