J. Daily Organisation

This page is where the Daily Organiser will allocate staff coverages. All recorded staff absences for the selected day are displayed in the scrolling window at the top of the page (NOTE: Scrolling will only occur if the number of absences is longer than the maximised window).

 Clicking on the Staff Absences heading in this window will open the View Staff Absences page.


It is necessary to click the Prepare button so that SIMON can gather all the necessary data from Staff Absences, Excursions, Timetable etc and provide an accurate list of classes which require covering.

NOTE: See Staff Absences for information on how to add a staff absence.


Once the Classes has been selected, this page will list all recorded staff absences for the selected day and allow the Daily Organiser to cover all necessary periods.

NOTE: It is still possible to add last minute absences by using the add new button.



By default this screen will display all periods for the day, however, if there are many coverages it may be easier to view only one period at a time. In this case, select the period to be viewed from the drop down list at the top of the Classes tab.

To allocate a teacher to a class, click on the radio button to the left of the class which is to be covered (See above image). This will highlight the information for that class and two drop down boxes will appear. The first box will define whether the coverage is an extra or a replacement. This will be indicated after the name of the replacement teacher once allocated.

Select the desired staff member to cover the period from the second list.

The drop down staff list will show ALL staff. On the right hand side of this page is a list of all AVAILABLE staff for that period. Therefore, be sure that the staff member selected from the drop down list is on the available list.

Available staff who are listed in red are staff from the same faculty as the person being replaced.
Available staff who are listed in grey are emergency teachers.
All other available staff are listed in black.

NOTE: To enter emergency teachers into SIMON, see Maintenance > Extras.

The Term and Semester values will show a tally of how many extras a staff member has taken. The tally only counts extras, not replacements. (This will update when you click on the next class to cover, or exit this screen.)

If an incorrect staff member is selected, simply reselect a new staff member.  If it is necessary to remove any coverage from the class without replacing them, select the black at the top of the drop down list.

Once a class has been covered, the class will disapear from the list unless the Display required Coveragves is unticked.


Add New - The Add New button should be used if, for some reason, a staff member is not absent from school, but is unable to take their timetabled class.  For example, they might have time release to work on curriculum documentation. Instead of having to locate and enter the exact period times for which they are unavailable and entering this information into the Staff Absences page, it is possible to simply select the period and class through this link.


This will add the class to the coverages list, but will not display the staff member on the staff absences list as they are technically not absent.



The Rosters tab will enable the Daily Organiser to view and cover any 'gaps' left in a roster due to a staff absence.

Select the required roster from the drop down list to view the coverages required.

To allocate coverages, click on the Edit Details button and select appropriate staff from the drop down list/s. 

Then click on Save

NOTE: Extras, Replacements and roster coverages will appear on the SIMON Work Desk Home in the Timetables window of the person allocated to take the coverage.