Import File Documentation

A useful way to enter bulk amounts of information is to use the data imports available in SIMON.

The import files are either comma delimited text file or excel spreadsheet which must be uploaded to the Web server to complete an import . These files should be named as specified by the documentation as a way to organise the files, however SIMON will import the correct file structure regardless of the file name. Each line of the file is considered a record and should finish with a carriage return or new line character. Each record is separated by a carriage return. It is not a requirement that text data be enclosed in double "" marks. The import file knows what type of data is meant to be in each field and so automatically strips out the "" before processing the file anyway. If a field is optional but located in the middle of line, then a comma must be used to indicate the field anyway.

Also, each individual file has a minimum number of fields for a valid import and data type requirements also. There is also a specific order that each file must be imported, as some files rely on data already existing in the database. These are all documented below.

Order of Import File Execution

Listed below is the order in which the files need to be imported when initially setting up SIMON. Once this is completed users can then use this process at a later stage to import additional staff and students or to update subject and timetable data etc.

User Data Cache Import Files

These files can be imported using the formats of .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt

If .csv or .txt files are used then the header row must be removed prior to importing.

1. Staff Import File - This file contains the list of staff within the school, both teaching and non-teaching. 

2. Student Import - StudentImport Excel File - This file contains the list of students within the school. 

Text Import Files

Note: The header row must be removed prior to importing.

3. Subjects - SubjectImport.txt This file contains the list of subjects that matching timetable program information.

4. Base Timetable Import - Timetable.txt This file contains the school timetable including staff and room allocations.

5. Student Classes Import - StudentClasses.txt This file contains the list of students and the classes they are enrolled in.

Optional Import Files to enhance SIMON:

6. Yard Duty Import - YardDuty.txt This file contains the necessary information for including Yard Duty Rosters in the timetables.

7. TUnAvail Import - TUnAvail.txt This file contains the necessary information for including Staff and Room unavailability in the timetables.

8. Student Subject Choices - StudentSubjectChoices.txt This file contains the list of student codes and the subjects they are enrolled in.

9. Student Booklist Items - StudentBooklistItems.txt This file contains the list of booklist items for the student booklist system

10. User Accounts for non integrated access - UserAccounts.txt This file contains the list of user logon details that allows users to import all user logins for networks not using integrated authentication.


In in order to roll-over students from the previous academic year the student data cache file is used to update and add new students into SIMON.

In fact partial data cache files can be used to update key data for a user. For example, if the school wishes to update student email addresses and login names, a partial data cache file can be created with the Student ID and just the email address and login name fields populated. All other fields need to remain and just left blank. Once imported this will updated these users information.