I. Attendance


The Attendance modules in SIMON electronically register the location of students in class and tracks their movements during a school day. The module will cater for students who are:

  • Absent from class
  • Late to class
  • Leaving class early
  • Going to sickbay
  • Leaving school and who may, or may not return
  • Absent with parent notification
  • Absent and require parental contact or follow-up
  • Arriving late at school
  • Attending a school activity outside normal classes (Excursions, Sporting etc.) This can also be used for extended homerooms and reflect appropriately in the daily attendance records.

The attendance module is designed to cater for a school that requires its teachers to complete an electronic roll mark for each class. However, the system is also designed so a school can complete an administrative roll mark through traditional methods by teachers completing a paper roll and the collation of data by secretarial staff to meet the requirements of the Registered Schools Board.

When setting up for electronic attendance the school can configure which periods are required to be marked and of those periods which of them will be targeted for official follow-up. Those periods marked for follow-up will tell the SIMON attendance system to pay particular attention to these periods and invoke formal follow-up procedures that will require staff at an administrative and pastoral level to take action to investigate data relating to absent students.

Through this process efficient follow-up of student attendance can be completed and accurate reports produced for any given day, period, student or class.

The next section gives an overview of the SIMON Attendance system. This will show users how the various sub modules fit together to produce the final student attendance data. These modules are:

  • Parent Notified Absences (PNA)
  • School Acknowledged Absences (SAA)
  • School Related Absences (SRA)
  • Sick Passes, Leave/Return Passes and Late to School Passes

School activities such as Camps, Excursions and Sporting Events are registered and students are selected to be part of them. This data is merged into the attendance system to give an accurate account of student attendance and provide valuable feedback to staff marking rolls and question the location of a student on a particular day. This is particularly useful when a year level or series of classes are out of normal classes and involved in an activity for a whole or part day. By creating an activity and assigning students to it may save time in marking students as absent in their normal classes and provide accurate information as to their location.