Forums - Usage and Development




The forum category headings on the Learning Areas Home page are links to a list of all active forums of that category which the user is able to access.

 The class and subject forums are sorted by class or subject as appropriate. Also shown on these pages is a count of the number of threads within a forum, the number of posts per thread and who made the last post.

To enter the forum itself, click on the forum title. Alternatively, clicking on the forum title on the home page will take the user directly to the selected forum.

Once in a forum, the user is able to view all the topic threads that the forum contains, who started each topic thread, the number of replies and views in each topic thread and who created the last post.

It is also possible to create a new topic thread within the forum.


It is possible to post topic threads or replies anonymously by checking the tick box in the top right hand corner of the page.

To view all posts in a topic thread, click on the topic thread title.

Once in the thread, the user can view all replies and post a reply.

 To post a reply, fill in the required details and click on Post. 


The following icons accompany each post:

Post added by a staff member  Post added by male student   Post added by female student   Post added anonymously


NOTE: If there is no Post Reply link available, the forum has closed and is only available for viewing. A closed forum will no longer appear on the Learning Areas Home page. It can only be accessed through the Resources > Forums menu.

NOTE: It is also possible for teachers to add class and subject forums through the Forums menu in Class Resources. General forums can be added by the Maintainer - Forums by clicking on >Forums in the Resources menu.