Default Configuration - Components




For training purposes, we will begin with a “Traditional” initialisation.  The “Initialisation” button is clicked.  On the main Student Assessment screen users will see the following screen go from:


The default configuration will load a blank configuration for a new report run, ready to begin adding report components.  Report components are either:

Global (Across all report templates)

Subject (Specific to a subject and report type/Type configuration.

Users in the default configurations screen will now see a new configuration ready to start constructing. If you had a previously configured report run 12 months ago then this would automatically roll over.


The User clicks on the “Add New” button to start adding components to the report backbone.   On the next page we will look at the list of components currently in SIMON.

As we examine each component we need to understand that to add some components will need some additional resources configured in the system before we can successfully add one.


The list of components in SIMON currently are:

Attendance Component (Subject Class) – This is to display class based attendance on a report;



Comment Section (Subject Class) – This is to allow a text box to be added to a subject.


Note: Allow comments Banks are not currently functional for a comment section.


Content Element (Subject Class) – This is a major subject component that allow subject specific content to be added.  This content includes sub-heading with list of assessment tasks, outcomes etc.  It is also the content element that allows the construction of subject based comment banks.  It also has other features that will be discussed later.

By adding a content element to a report backbone the subject content element will need to be maintained by going to the full list of subjects under the “Subject Configuration” menu;


Course Description (Subject Class) – This is to allow the course description to be added to a subject.  This is maintained in the curriculum administration section of SIMON.  Course Descriptions can also be maintained by Domain Component Coordinators in the Learning Areas.


Cover Page (Global) – This adds a cover page to the report run and allows users to configure Parent/Teacher Interview requests, incomplete work counts and overall student attendance information

Feedback (Subject Class) – This component will allow schools to collect information at report time.  This could include student concerns, award nominations etc. at a class level.

Front Cover (Global) – This component includes a font cover on the report for a student.

Graphical Scale (Subject Class) – This component is suitable for displaying work habit data in graphical form. It allows domain overrides to allow customisation of the information.

Individual Learning Plan (ILP) (Subject Class) – This component publishes ILP information only for students that have ILP information recorded in their student profile.

Learning Areas (Global) – This component compiles a list by subject of all configured tasks.

Learning Areas (Subject Class) – This component adds the configured Learning Area tasks to the backbone of a subject report.

Page Break (Global) – This component adds a page break to the global part of the report backbone

Page Break (Subject Class) – This component adds a page break to the subject part of the report backbone


Student Commendations (Global) – This component lists the student commendations from the student profile to the global part of the report backbone. This component can gather data over multiple semesters.

Student Participation (Global) – This component lists the student participation from the student attendance system (SRA/SAA) where the certificate event if ticked in the configuration set-up to the global part of the report backbone. This component can gather data over multiple semesters.