Class Resources Tab


This page shows when that specific class is run



The Class Calendar is displayed...

...and teachers can add new calendar events.

NOTE: The class calendar can be added to the user's full calendar. See Today's calendar - Calendar Views.


See VIDEO for the walk though of all sections in Learning Areas.

Curriculum Documents - This area is where worksheets and practice exams which can be accessed by the students can be placed.

It is broken into individual topics of the teaching program for the academic year.

This section uses a file manager system as explained in Viewing Knowledge Bases and Maintaining the Knowledge Base. Students will not have the ability to upload files to this area, but will be able to download them for viewing.

NOTE: Do NOT use &, ?, \, /, @ in folder or file names.

Web Resources

The teacher can enter links to websites which are relevant to this class in this section. First select the Category, then click on Add New.


TO add web Resources you need to work through the course builder. See above video.

NOTE: It is necessary to enter the full web address.

The categories can be created and edited by clicking on the Maintain button.

From here, categories can be created, edited or disabled/enabled. Setting a category as default means that it will be displayed in the drop down list when the user first clicks on Web resources.  Therefore, an organised maintainer could swap the default category to the most relevant for the current topic if they wanted to.

The ability to disable and enable a category means that the resources can be entered, but hidden from students until they are needed.