C. Navigating the Work Desk

Very Important Information - Do not use "Forward" or "Back" Buttons

When browsing and navigating through the SIMON website users MUST NOT use the "Forward" and "Back" button on the internet browser. If this is done SIMON can cause errors and will require the user to return to the Work Desk and begin again. This is due to the fact that some areas of SIMON pass important information from page to page in order to function. Using the "Forward" or "Back" buttons will destroy this data and cause the page to error.

[Back and Forward buttons should not be used]


 In order to navigate successfully through SIMON, you will need to use:-

1. The workdesk menu

  2.  Major headings on the workdesk

3.  Buttons

4.  Hyperlinks

5.  Icons

Very Important Information - Web Applications must be given time to work and complete their task

When using web applications users must be mindful that web applications can be asked to complete heavy calculations at the server and then deliver the results to the user interface browser, this can take a little time and users should wait for results to appear.

Web users should also realise that web applications are often triggered by hyperlinks or buttons that DO NOT require double clicking.


SIMON DOES NOT require the user to double click anywhere in its interface, as with the case of most web applications.