Behavioural Tracking - Maintenance Detentions




Different Detention types can be issued depending on the type or severity of the incident.  In this section, the Detention Types can be created, the days on which they run can be defined and roles who can issue detentions are allocated.

When adding a new Detention Type, the Type ID needs to be unique from other Detention Types.  The Type Description is wht is displayed in the drop down list when adding a detention and the Type Details are what can be viewed by mousing over the information icon when adding a detention.

The Detention Access defines who is able to issue this specific Detention type.

  • General Access - any staff member can issue this detention.

  • Pastoral Access - only roles defined in the Detention Processing Pastoral Chain. See Maintenance > Pastoral Chains for more information on this.

The Social Indicator Value will be entered as the number of points which will be lost. ie: SIMON will automatically change the value entered to a negative value.


Once a Detntion Type has been created, the Edit button in the Maintain Detention Types window wll allow the user to specify who should be notified when this type of detention is issued:

This is also where the days and times on which this type of detention will occur:

NOTE: Ensure that the detention day is Enabled and has a green tick.


The information which will be included in the Detention letter issued is specified in this section.

To create a new letter, click on Add New.

The Letter Title is what is displayed in the drop down Select Letter list when processing a detention.

If the Detention Letter is to be printed on paper which has a letterhead, the top and bottom margins can be set to accommodate this.

If Parental Acceptance is selected, this will automatically create a 'tear off' section at the bottom of the page.  Fields for the signature of the parent will also be automatically created, however, the user will need to enter what should be written in the Parental Acceptance area. See image below:

Once the Detention Letter has been created, the user will need to edit the Detention Letter in order to enter the letter content and specify who should sign the letter when it is issued.

To create the letter content, click on Add New:

Select the section to be added, click Assign and enter the content for that section in the text box which appears. Some sections may have default content already entered when the Section was created, however, it is possible to edit this content if necessary. Each section assigned will appear as a subheading on the letter when it is generated.

NOTE: It is necessary to either select all sections which are required before entering the content OR clicking save after entering the content of each individual section.

Once all letter content has been entered, scroll down and select from the drop down list the staff who will need to sign the letter when it is issued. Click assign. 


Letter Sections

In this interface the user can add, edit or delete available detention letter sections.

The Section title is what is shown on the drop down list when creating a Detention Letter template. It is possible to enter default contents for a section. However, these contents can be edited when creating the Detention Letter template.

Click Save.