Assessment Tasks - Learning Areas

This area is where a class teacher can enter any Assessment tasks, along with task details and due dates. Tasks can be entered for a specific class, OR if more than one class is taking the same subject, tasks can be entered at a subject level.

If this section is used correctly, students will be able to access information on what Assessment Tasks they have due even if they forget to take their Diary home. It also enables students who are absent to see what tasks they are missing, enabling them to catch up as much as possible before returning to school. As well Parents will be able to engage with the students work whilst the task is active and see feedback and results once the work is complete.

It is possible to enter tasks into the future by altering the start date. They will appear as closed until the start date occurs when they will automatically be opened. Once the end date of a task has been and gone, the task is closed and students can only submit work late if an extension is granted and entered through Maintain Tasks.

This system will enable teachers to easily and effectively keep track of class Assessment Tasks.

View Tasks - Teacher Interface


This interface will list all tasks which have been entered, showing the dates the task is active, the status of the task, task titles and how many tasks have been submitted.

Clicking on the Task Title or the Assessment Task icon will open the results page for that task. Here the teacher can see which students have submitted the task, enter results for the task, allow a student to re-submit a piece of work and grant extensions.  It is also possible to alter the class list for that specific task.

Interface for a Teacher Managed submission task:


Interface for an Editor or Upload submission task:

Assign a student to the class

If a student joins the class after a task has been entered into the system, (as Long As No Students have been marked the teacher can remove all students and SIMON will then enrol all students again based on the Timetable currently in SIMON. Otherwise Teachers can assign and remove students on an individual basis. VIDEO Assigning Students

Remove a student from the class

Clicking on the Remove button will remove the selected student from that task only. For example, if a student is away from school for an extended period of time and will not be required to complete the task, they can be removed from the list.

Status for a Teacher Managed submission task

The Status column will contain check boxes. When the task is submitted, the teacher will need to enter this page and check this box. Clicking on Update will reload the page and bring up the Mark option.

Status for an Editor or Upload submission task

The Status column will automatically indicate whether the task is INCOMPLETE, SUBMITTED or MARKED.

Result - If the task has been submitted but no mark has been entered

The MARK button will be visible. Clicking on this button will open the Mark Assessment Task page. Enter the grade from the drop down list and, if neccessary, make a comment on the task.

If the task was modified, selecting the Modified Task check box will bring up a Modified Task Notes field:


Clicking on Save will return the user to the Mark Assessment Tasks page. Clicking on Return WILL NOT save any information which had been entered and will return the user to the Mark Assessment Tasks page.

NOTE: This interface is best used if only a couple of results need to be entered.  If an entire class of results is to be entered it would be more efficient to use the Quick Entry option as described below.

Result - If the task has not been submitted

This column will remain blank.

Result - If the task has been submitted and assessed

The grade will be displayed.


Once a task has been submitted electronically it cannot be re-submitted unless this check box is selected and Save is clicked. A task which has had a grade entered CANNOT be re-submitted.


To Grant an extension, click on the Grant button. Enter the new submission date and a reason as to why an extension was allowed.

If an extension has been granted this column will display the new due date.

NOTE: Once a due date has elapsed the only way that an overdue task can be submitted is if an extension has been granted.


This button will save all information which has been entered.  If a Teacher Managed submission task was being entered as submitted, clicking the Update button will make the Mark buttons appear.

Quick Entry

This interface allows large numbers of grades to be entered quickly and easily. The user can either key in an S or N or type in the percentage depending on the Grade required for that task. Then, hitting the Tab Key will move the cursor to the Student Feedback field. Hitting the Tab Key again will move the user to the next student's Grade entry field.

Clicking on Cancel WILL NOT save the data entered and will return the user to the Assessment Tasks Results page.

Clicking on Update will save the data entered and return the user to the Assessment Tasks Results page.



View Tasks - Student Interface

This interface will list all assessment tasks for the selected class.  The dates over which the task runs are listed as is whether the task is open or closed.

Clicking on the task title or the Assessment Task icon will take the student to one of the following pages depending on the status of the task:

  • Task Open, Submit through Editor - The task information will appear along with the Editor page in which the task is to be completed.


  • Task Open, Submit by uploading - The task information will appear along with the tools needed to upload a file.


  • Task Open, Submit to teacher - The task information will appear along with a note reminding the student to hand the task to their class teacher.


  • Task Closed, Start date has not yet been reached - The task information will be displayed, but there will be no other tools at this stage.


  • Task Closed, Finish date (due date) has passed - The task information will be displayed as will a status window regarding whether or not the task has been assessed. If the task has been assessed, the mark will be displayed along with any notes the teacher may have entered regarding the task. If the student has been granted an extension or the task is to be re-submitted, the tools required to submit or re-submit will be made available.