Add Calendar Events

For Bulk uploads see the Calendar Template file attached to this page.

The spreadsheet below can be given to schools for us to bulk import School Calendar events. The fields should be self-explanatory. Please advise users that the end time for an All Day event should be 23:59:59.


Add to School Calendar

School Sub Calendar

The main School Calendar can be broken down into sub-calendars for ease of maintenance.  For example, the Curriculum Coordinator may maintain the Academic sub-calendar, while the Sports Coordinator would maintain the Sports sub-calendar.  All events entered into these sub-calendars will show up in black on the School Calendar.

Start / End Time

Simply select the appropriate dates from the pop-up calendar and enter the start and finish times.  If the event is a whole day event, select the All Day check box.

Event Title

The Event Title will be shown on the School Calendar home page, so it is best to keep it succinct!
For example:

Event Description

This section is where extra information about a calendar event can be entered and can be viewed by clicking on the calendar event. 
For example:


This information will also be available to users by clicking on the calendar event.

Planning Notes

This section allows the user to enter any reminders regarding the event. These can only be viewed by authorised maintainers of this event.
For example:

Event Access Flags

These flags allow the user to filter who can view events.  For example, students and parents would not need to know when a staff meeting is scheduled. Simply deselect the check box to remove a group's ability to view the event.


Add Personal Event

This is done in much the same way as described above, however, as this is the user's personal calendar, there is no need for event access flags.