4. Behavioural Tracking - Suspension


Behavioural Tracking - Suspension



This link will open the Current Suspensions page.

To process a suspension, a letter needs to be selected and generated.

NOTE: The contents of a suspension letter can be edited, or a new suspension letter created as needed.  See Behavioural Tracking > Maintenance > Suspensions for details on how to do this.

Once the finish date of the suspension has passed, SIMON will automatically remove the suspension from the Processed Suspensions list.


This link will take the user to the Add Suspensions page.

Once the student who is to be suspended is selected, the process of adding a suspension is explained in the Student Profiles Behavioural Tracking section of this manual.

NOTE: The Social Indicator Value listed is the total of the default suspension Social Indicator Value per day in this case, 10) multiplied by the number of days the suspension runs over (in this case 7). See Maintenance > Configurations to set the default per day value. It is possible to override this value if deemed necessary when adding the suspension. Therefore, if the suspension were to finish the following day (3 February, 2009) the Social Indicator Value would become 80.