Updates Upgrades and Changes.

SIMON is proud to announce the release of Version 3.8.0 . Please note that this release contains some major new features beyond those in the originally planned Version 3.7.7 release.

Version 3.8.0 will be introduced progressively into schools over the next week so as to minimise interruption to SIMON during this busy time of year.

Schools may have noticed some maintenance patching on their SIMON servers ensuring that the systems are ready for the upgrades contained within the new patch. Please remember to ensure that your SIMON server has received all Windows updates.

With Version 3.8.0, SIMON continues to address the need for schools to have an easy to use system, which provides great flexibility and power, supporting how a school runs.

We have included in this SIMON release a major update to improve Authentication for schools running IOS and Macintosh devices. Simon now has three configurable authentication options these being

  1. Forms Login
  2. Windows Authentication
  3. Forms based LDAP/AD authentication

For most schools this will mean no change to current practice.

In addition to a number of product updates, Version 3.8.0 includes the following new features and enhancements:

1          Learning Areas –  All Teaching and Learning Staff, Reporting Staff, Parents, Pastoral Teams

  1. Improved management of dates – Class teachers can adapt due dates without affecting the entire subject.
  2. Enhanced File Management for all Devices. This includes uploading from IOS devices, Cloud Storage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flAvqLAR1ZY
  3. Three dates per task – Start Date, End Date and Cut Off Date – The cut off being the date where late submission can still be received and days late is recorded.
  4. Improved ability to handle alternative submissions
  5. The introduction of ‘Non-Submission’ – A method of recording that a student did not submit work but providing the option to resubmit.
  6. Learning Area Tasks – format and layout improvements.
  7. Greater flexibility to upload documents as Feedback – This feedback could be documents, video or sound files, or a combination of these.
  8. Pronoun Substitution in learning area comments, such as %N.
  9. Yearlong tasks where root code is consistent for whole year.
  10. Student feedback to teacher so that student can self-predict grades, Teacher to student, Parent to student and teacher.
  11. Student work download – staff can choose to download in one folder for class or separate folders per students.
  12. Derived tasks improved so that a school can have derived tasks per Semester and Across a whole year providing that subject codes share the same base code.
  13. Drafting options logic improved.
  14. Learning Area submission now available in PAM

2          The growing online help system – All Staff


  1. With new staff on-board SIMON is updating the Help system. You will see a new help system with Video tutorials which will enhance the content already developed to make using SIMON an easier experience. This is accessed via the Help Menu on the Work Desk Home. 
  2. Schools are able to request content by emailing support@simonschools.net

3          Work Desk Home – All Staff

  1. School Links is now collapsible and can be grouped.

4          Knowledge Banks – All Staff


  1. Enhanced File Management for all Devices. This includes uploading from IOS devices, Cloud Storage.

5          PAM – Reporting Leaders, Administrative Staff


  1. The new fully responsive theme for PAM, which will make PAM more mobile devices and smart phone friendly.
  2. Learning Area data is more easily accessible to parents via a cascading layout.
  3. Email Teachers from PAM has been included and is configurable at the school level. Parents will be able to use the communications features within PAM to email their child’s teacher based on the timetable.
  4. Letters – This feature will allow schools to use inbuilt letter templates to send communication home to parents. PAM will also email the registered address with a notification of the letter being added.
  5. Commendations released to parents
  6. Parent email address can be stored in PAM as part of the import.

 6         Letter Generation – Administration, Attendance, Pastoral Staff


  1. A Letter Generation system is now available that will allow schools to leverage PAM and SIMON to distribute Student Letters to individual students as well as print a hard copy onto college stationary.
  2. This system is useful for letters such Work Resubmission notices , Attendance Concern or Letters of Award where the students profile benefits from having the data stored against the student.

 7         Homework Tasks become Class Work – Teaching and Learning, Reporting Staff.

  1. Due to the evolving nature of education we changed the name of Homework to Class Work. This allows formally assessed tasks to be grouped in Assessment Tasks and allows teachers to create tasks which can be tracked and recorded for use as part of the derived Assessment option. It also removes the impression that all tasks recorded here must be completed at home.
  1. Example of three tests listed as Class Work becoming a single derived task result.  This will benefit departments such as LOTE or Maths where many components come together to form one single result.

8        Data for Student Learning – Teaching And Learning Staff


  1. Improvements to NAPLAN imports and how data is organised.
  2. NAPLAN Question Level data for 2015

9        The Kiosk – Attendance Officers, Administrative Staff


  1. The improved SIMON Kiosk will see the ability to produce printed passes by a student in a Check Out/Check in Situation.
  2. Improved use on tablets and iPad’s
  3. Student activated Late Passes – students will be able to use the kiosk to enter a late pass for themselves, again automatically printing the pass and entering the data into the attendance system.
  1. Schools will be able to customise which of their current late arrival and early departure reasons will be available in the Kiosk System.

10        Email System – IT Staff

  1. The New SIMON email system removes the need for the concierge and allows a much wider range of email servers and service providers to be used for the sending of all SIMON email communication.
  2. The configuration is now done via a single location
  3. There have been enhancements to the ‘Email teachers of a student’ feature which includes rich text and the ability to add attachments.

11        Masquerading

  1. Improved Masquerade interface where the search can either look for UID or and part that matches.
  2. Cease Masquerade button now moved to top of screen

12        Daily Organisation – Daily Org Team

  1. Improved data management and organisation of data.

13        Subjects And Classes

  1. Improvements to the interface for subjects and classes to search and maintain.