3. Behavioral Tracking - Detentions




This will bring up the details of all current detentions. The user can view the Detention Non-Attendance, Detentions to be Processed or Processed Detentions by selecting the required category from the drop down list.

There are three categories of detention:

  • Detention Non-Attendance - A student did not attend a designated attendance.  This means that the detention must be re-processed with a new date designated.


  • Detentions to be Processed - A detention has been entered into the system, but a date has not yet been specified and the parents have not yet been notified.


  • Processed Detentions - The detention date has been set and parents notified, but the detention date has not yet occurred.

For a new detention to be processed, or a non-attendance to be reprocessed, a detention date must be selected from the drop down list.  This list will only show dates on which the detention can occur.  Therefore, if it is a Saturday detention, only dates which fall on a Saturday will be displayed.

NOTE: The Detention type is entered by the person who issued the detention. Detention types can be edited or created in the Behavioural Tracking Maintenance area.

Once the detention date is selected, a detention letter must be generated. To do this, select the appropriate letter proforma from the Letter drop down list for each student to be attending that particular detention.

Once the detention date and correct letter has been selected for all students required at that specific detention, click on the print icon at the top of the list.

Clicking on this icon will generate the letters in pdf format. From here the letter scan be printed and copies given to appropriate recipients, eg: parents, homeroom teacher.

NOTE: The information in the detention letters can be modified in the Behavioural Tracking > Maintenance area.

Once a detention letter has been generated, the detention will move to the Processed Detentions list.

A detention Non-Attendance must have a new detention date specified. This will move it to the Detentions to be Processed area. From here the process is the same as described above.

A detention can be dismissed by selecting the Dismiss button, however, a reason needs to be entered as to why the student no longer needs to attend the detention.


This link will take the user to the Add Detentions page.

Once the student who is to receive the detention is selected, the process of adding a detention is explained in the Student Profiles Behavioural Tracking section of this manual.


 This feature would be used if the attendance at a detention needs to be manually recorded on paper before it is entered into SIMON. By selecting the detention date, a pdf file will be created which lists all students who should be attending the detention.This can then easily be printed out.



Once a detention has been completed, the attendance should be marked in this interface.

Updating this as soon as possible after a detention has been held will remove the students who have attended from the Current Detentions list and place any student who did not attend in the Detention non-Attendance list for reprocessing.