2. Behavioural Tracking - Incidents



This Section should be used in conjunction with the development of a behavioural management plan.

Add Incident

See Video Above for explanation of Adding an Incident and further explanations of this section.


View Incidents

This link will  produce a list of unresolved incidents. This list is sorted in chronological order from the most recent unresolved incident.

Clicking on View Details will take the user to the profile of the student and from here any further information which may be necessary to resolve the incident can be added.

The unresolved incident will be marked with icon. Clicking on this will open the incident.

Incident Details

The front tab will give the details originally entered regarding the incident. Only the author of the incident will be able to edit these details.

Follow-Up Notes

Any follow-up information should be entered under the Follow-Up Notes tab. Multiple follow-up notes can be entered if necessary.

Once an unresolved incident has been resolved, checking the Incident Resolved box when adding a follow-up note will remove the incident from the unresolved incidents list.

Aggressor Interview

If an interview with the aggressor of the incident is necessary, an interview proforma based on restorative practices can be prepared. These questions can be edited, disabled or added to in theMaintenance > Incidents > Aggressor Interview Topics section of Behavioural Tracking.

NOTE: Once created, an interview topic cannot be deleted as this would affect historical data. If a topic is no longer appropriate, then disabling it will remove it from any proformas prepared after that date.

Once responses to the interview questions have been entered, the interview can be saved for future reference.

Target(s) Interview

If the target(s) of the incident are also interviewed, their responses should be recordeed in the profile of the perpetrator. Again, restorative practices are used in the development of this proforma and the questions can be edited, disabled or added to. See Maintenance > Incidents > Victim Interview Topics.