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When contacting SIMON Support their comes times when we need to reach out to you as a user and remotely control your computer.

The following is a secure method from TeamViewer in conjunction with SIMON to allow us to offer that realtime support.

So when asked by one of our Support Officers please download this file and execute it.

We will then ask for the 9 Digit Code and Password so as to establish a secure connection to your computer and deliver the online and on time support required.



The new academic year sees the exciting release of the majorly updated Student Notes with all new functionality! Please see the new SIMON TV Playlist below and this email to learn how Student Notes can further assist your teaching, learning and pastoral workflows.



Update Overview

New Module!
Co-Curricular Activities - See Attached PDF

Learning Areas


The latest playlist for Learning Areas in SIMON.

The videos include;

Learning Area Navigation

Basic Task Creation

Task Creation with Rubrics

Students Viewing Results


User Group Presentation Term 3 2018

The PowerPoint presentation used for the SIMON User Groups is now available. This includes additional information detailing the all new Learning Areas development.

As schools begin Term Four, the SIMON Team wishes everyone in the SIMON Community all the very best.

As we near the end of one year, preparations have already begun for the next. The SIMON Team are hard at work ensuring that the development and support of SIMON’s integrated tools continue to meet the needs of modern schools.

Understanding Staff Roles

Staff Roles

Staff roles are an important feature in SIMON that allows for access and control of certain components to staff so that they are able to manage and control the areas that correspond to their areas of responsibility within the school.

Z. Criterion Based Assessment and Rubrics - Powerpoint Presentation


Please feel free to download and view the PowerPoint presentation above.


 Criteria Based Assessment (CBA)

•Judgement Intervals (Year Based)
•Rating Scales
•Victorian Curriculum
•VET VCAL Implementation
•Report Integration

 Document Management System (DMS)

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